When the time comes…

I feel it…
Yes.. I can feel it..
My day is not longer again. That time will come soon..

I love this place.
From here I can see the clear blue sky..
From here I can see when the sky goes dark..
From here I can feel the cold of the rain..
or the warm of the sun
From here I can see people around me..
Some of them are happy, some of them are sad..
Some of them walking together, whether with their friends, partners, lover or family.
But some of them also walking alone..
I will miss that so much

But one thing that I will miss so much..
I will miss him.. I will miss this tree..
He gives me what I need during this time..
How can I leave him.. I don’t want to..
Whether I will find another tree as same as him…
I’m not sure also.

Where will I go after I leave him..
Where will the wind blow me..
Whether I will find a new place, better than this place..
Whether I will find new happiness..
or I only fall to the earth and decay..

I hate to counting down..
Counting the day left before I have to leave
I never like to leave, but I know I have to..

Hey Dear Tree.. can you hold me so I will not leave..
so I can stay in this place forever.
or you will let me go.. with the wind..
to find another tree..
or to fall to earth and decay…


Notes :
Picture and Main idea are got from here….


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