The 2nd Chance


Dear You
I know, it’s too late to say this to you
but i’ve to say this
otherwise, it will bother me all the time

Dear You,
How could I never understand how you feel
During this time
You never told me..
You keep that feeling in silence.
I’m not a mind reader
Who can understand what you feel
Without you telling me.

Dear You,
Nothing last forever
That is what I always believe
But, when it happen to our case
I don’t want to believe it

Dear You,
Life is cruel.. can you believe it?
Life is not fair..
At the time I realize my feeling
You had choose another person
Someone who can realize
How important you are

Dear You,
Now, the light had gone out of my life
I want you to coming back to my life
I hope,
there is a 2nd chance for me..

Picture and Main idea are from this link


2 thoughts on “The 2nd Chance

    1. Nemuin link di #WritingPrompts yang cucok bangget… jadi sekalian antara nyalurin ide ama curcol… hahahaha #EnaknyaMenulis

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