Cyber Love

I believe that love is universal thing. Love to family, love to friend, love to partner of life, love to your country, love your religion etc. Yes, indeed love is a universal thing.

In the digital technology time like this, you can meet and make friends with everyone from all over the world. There is no limitation that you have to meet them face to face. As long as the conversation is good enough, you can enjoy the friendship in the digital world.

In Javanese term, there is a quote that witing trisno jalaran soko kulino. It means love can arise due to used to. I think it also can be happened in the digital world. When you meet a person and you feel match with him/her, you have a nice conversation with him/her, have same hobbies with him/her, have the same interests, it is not possible that you can crush on, fond of or maybe fall in love with him/her, even you have never meet him/her face to face.  This is what I call cyber love.

Cyber love, although I understand that it could happen, but I don’t know whether it is truly love or only because of you fond of him/her from the conversation in the digital world. I never understand how people can fall in love with someone that he / she never meet face to face before. Writing in digital world whether it is through blog, facebook, twitter or any other social media, for me can not show how the truth personalities of a person. You can write sad word/sentences/story while you are laughing. You can express in writing that you are happy while you are sad. You can be so calm in your writing while you are actually angry. You can express differently between what you write and the actual condition that you face.

Cyber love, for this kind of love, I never able to understand it. Call me conservative.. and yes, I’m conservative.




5 thoughts on “Cyber Love

  1. I felt that. And I wrote about my crush-cyber-relationship on my blog.

    I met him on facebook. He was friend of mine. I knew nothing about him. Then I followed his twitter account. I knew him more and more, day by day, by sms or maybe email. And sometimes, I knew about him from my other friends. This is what I said, “witing tresno jalan soko kulino,” too. Even I didn’t meet him, we still keep in touch. But one day (after 3 months I knew him), I met him. finally. And fortunately I realized that, he is what he writes, he is what he thinks. There’s no fake or “pencitraan” on him when we get some communications. He’s nice guy. not trying-to-be-nice guy.

    Yes, i agree that not every words written in social media basic on true activity or true things. But not everyone like that. There’s an exception. Even it’s on small amount. Including him. 🙂

    1. yes, i agree with you. not everybody in this digital world show fake personalities. When you crush on him and you meet him and you find he is as what he writes, then it is not a truly cyber love again I think.

      Now, I curious are you still with him? *ruuuunnn* =))

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