Weekly Photo Challenge : Home

For me, home is a like love. It is no need to be luxurious. As long as it is warm and comfortable, then it’s enough. I’ve read a book with title Life Traveler written by Windy Ariestanty. There is a chapter in the book which stated “Home is a place where you feel more comfortable, Home is a place where you can be and find yourself.  Home is a place where you can find your love, young girl.” And yes, I totally agree with that statement.  Home is more to how is your feeling and not always about building.

The three of us

This picture was taken when I and my brother visit my sister and her husband at Singapore end of last year. That was our reunion after we never been met for 2 years as I and my brother are living at Indonesia. They are my family, they are one of my home.  No matter how far the distance will separate us, no matter how long we don’t meet each other, as long as we are close in heart, I will be at home.  🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge is hosted by The Daily Post. Theme for this week is HOME.


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Home

    1. Iya.. Saya dulu di akuntansi brawijaya mbak e.. Mbak nya dulu juga brawijaya kah?

      Hmm, kita pernah ketemu kah? *meras ingatan*
      Atau jangan2 wajah saya ni pasaran yak .. 😀

      Btw, salam kenal juga.. Thanks for visit.. 🙂

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