I got love from Taiwan


There always a first for everything.. and this morning, I received my 1st post card from Taiwan… Happy happy  ^__^

I’m really a newbie in postcrossing matter.  After my post several weeks ago about one of my sending postcard is received by the recipient, now it’s my turn to receive a post card. I really exited about it and looking forward for information that my sending post cards are delivered or received post cards.

I got post card from Annie at Taiwan. It only needs for about 15 days from Taiwan to my place. This is an unique post card. The shape is not square as common post card. And there is love in the picture of the post card… so yes, I got love from Taiwan. Thank you so much Annie 😀

6 thoughts on “I got love from Taiwan

  1. Waaaahhhhhh senangnyaaaaaa ^_^

    Aku belum dapet nih, si adek juga … padahal sudah 2 kartu pos yang terkirim dan diregister.
    Ayo mbak, ditunggu postingan2 kartu posnya yang lain

    1. Aku juga kaget udah dapat kiriman.. aku kira anaknya ibu kos antar undangan ulang tahun utk anaknya hahaha…

      Semoga Dian chan dan adik juga bisa segera nerima kartu pos yaaaaa…🙂

    1. iya… surprise banget dapetnya, soalnya gak ngarepin secepat ini.. aku kira anak ibu kos mau kasih undangan ulang tahun anaknya, ternyata kartu pos hihihihi…

      semoga cepat menerima kartu pos pertama mu ya…. ^__^

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