Weekly Photo Challenge : Lunchtime

Fried Shrimps Crackers (photo taken by Ryan Arief)

My own made salad
Home made salad (taken with Instagram)
My brother with his chicken noodles. Going far to Singapore, still looking for Indonesian Food 😀

Theme for this week is surely makes us hungry 😀

Weekly Photo Challenge is hosted by The Daily Post. Theme for this week is Lunchtime

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Lunchtime

    1. Hai… This is surprise for me to nominate at this award. Thank you so much.. You are so nice 🙂

      Have a great time too …

    1. No, my sister did. I only help her with the preparation.
      I will give your compliment to her. She must be happy. Thank you for stop by 🙂

      1. I’ve told her about your compliment and she really happy that you like it. Thank you from her.
        Indeed, it is very easy to make. You have to make it someday 🙂

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