Unavoidable Meeting

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I open my eyes slowly. Is it in the morning ready.. but why the sky so grey like that.. Then I realize, I’m not in my room.. Where am I ? Then, I remember what happened last night….


Tonight is a bright night that I’ve ever see. The sky is so clear, no clouds. The stars shine so brightly and the moon at its full shape.

I’m on my way home from office. It almost midnight. I stop at the road side and staring at the sky, hope to keep the memory of this night forever, because I have some feeling that after this, I will not able to enjoy a night like this again.

I’m so sleepy and tired and my feeling also not so well.  I take a deep breath and release it.. hoping that it can release all the burdens on my shoulders. I have no idea why in this recent months everything like screw up.

I speed up my walk, hoping to reach home soon. When I’m crossing the street, suddenly a car coming from my right side, in high speed. I don’t think the driver sees me.. but I also can’t run. I hear someone yell at me but I can’t see who.. and after that everything dark.


Where am I..  It seems that I’m in the middle of the dessert. I have no idea where am I.. As far I can see, it only rocks and sand.. I continue to see around, and then… I see it..

A creature.. that I always afraid of since my childhood… I met it before, long ago when I was child. It took my parents, took my lovely grandma. A creature that I can not describe it.. A creature that made me have  to leave alone in this world. A creature, that I always try to run from it almost all over my life…

And now, after all those years.. It finally there, right in front of me…

I don’t want to meet it.. I run away from it… faster and faster.. I think I have run very far..  perhaps, I can be safe from it.. I stop a while, take a deep breath. It’s been while from my latest exercise and run like this make me tired.

Suddenly, it appears in front of me again…

You can’t run from me… you can try again if you want to..”
“Who are you actually? Why you come in front of me? Why you took my parents? Why you took my grandma? ”
“That is my job. You will not understand even I try to explain. My job is to take you from your temporary life.. to your eternal life..”
“Eternal life… but then, if it is eternal, why I can’t meet my parents again? why I can’t see my grandma again?”
“Because you are in the different dimension with them… Actually, they never leave you. You can always meet them..”
“DON’T BE KIDDING!! You took them… that’s why I’m alone in this world..  ”
“Because you looking in wrong way… You should meet them with your heart.. You should take the right path .. And they always be with you….”

I’m speechless, can’t say anything…

Now, it is time to you to move to your eternal life.. I hope you have prepare for it.. That is the function you placed in the temporary life…. Now, just follow me…”

I still don’t want to follow it.. Preparation?? I have no preparation.. I’m not ready yet…
But I have no power and obediently follow it… and the more I follow it,  the more I become afraid..
I hope, I have one chance again.. to make preparation for situation like this..
When I have unavoidable meeting with my eternal life…


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