Let’s Come Alive

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Do you ever realize that sometimes we can feel that life is only a repetition ? Every day doing the same things over and over again. Wake up in the morning, going to work, going home, and sleep at night, and doing the same thing in the next day. As same as clock which precisely doing the same thing everyday as long as the machine is not broken.

Do you ever ask to yourself, what makes you come alive? What makes you come alive, to overcome you are being bored doing repetition activity?

For me, these are several things that make me come alive :

  1. Do what you love to do, or love what you have to do
    Some people say that the best thing in the world is when you can work in the field that you have passion on it. Hence, you can do your work without pressure. This is an ideal term.
    But, not all people can get that chance. How if you can’t get that chance ?
    For me, in this life we always have option. There is no such thing about having no options. If I don’t have chance to work according to my passion, I have choices whether I open that chance or I have to love the work that I have now. By loving what I have to do, I will be able to give 100% of my ability. I will have the spirit to do the best in everything I do.
  2. Share with others
    In this world, we can live alone. We need others to live. We depends to other to live. Perhaps we can’t feel it directly, but indirectly, we are depends on others.
    I think the ultimate happiness is when you are able to share with others. You can be happy alone, but you will be happier if you are share the happy moments with your family or your friends, won’t you ?
    By sharing with others, we can help them to have better life. Sharing is not always about money, but also knowledge, skill or anything else, or the simplest thing to share is smile. 🙂
  3. Keep the hope
    Nothing happen forever, whether it is happiness or sadness. Problems, troubles, difficulties are always lies in our way, but every problems, every troubles and every difficulties always come with the way out. Sometimes we can’t see that way. Sometimes it takes us time to reach that way out. Sometimes we lose the hope that we can’t find that way out.
    Hope.. is what we need to be able overcome the condition that we are facing in present. There always a sunshine after rain. As long as we keep the hope, we are alive.

These are several things which make me come alive. How about you ? 🙂


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