[EF#2] Diego’s Wildest Dream

“Mommy, when I grow up, I want to join Navy.” 

Out of the blue, my son said that to me when we are watching television. 

“Why?” I ask. 

“I want to help people. Like those people who evacuate the victims of the airplane crashed. They are doing their best to help people who even they don’t know. Neither their relatives nor their friends.”

I’m speechless.

He continues to talk. “I will study hard. I will do regular exercise so I can be strong and have good stamina. I will learn to swim and dive.”

“I will make you proud of me, Mom,” he said and looks at me with his beautiful brown eyes.

“As long as you are becoming good and responsible man, you always be my pride, Diego.” I finally able to say some words.

“Now, it’s time to sleep. You need to rest.” I said.

He nodded and prepared to go to sleep. I turn off the television; give him kiss at his forehead.

I wait till he sleep and start to cry. I don’t know how Diego will be able to reach his dream. I don’t think he fully aware what really happened to him. Everything had changed.

I don’t know whether the decision took by me and my husband was the right one. We only know we don’t want to lose our tenth old son.

The doctor had amputated his left leg due to bad injury from car accident. An accident caused by a drunken driver. 

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