[EF#4] Tool from Doraemon’s Magic Pocket

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Last week, I didn’t manage to join the EF Challenge due to quite busy at the office. Alhamdulillah, for this week I’ve managed to join…. πŸ˜€

Who doesn’t know Doraemon? A robot from future with so many amazing tools. There is one tool that I really wish I have it. If Doraemon allows me, I would like to grab Anywhere Door from his pocket. πŸ˜€

From so many amazing tools, why do I choose Anywhere Door?

There are some reasons I wish I could grab this tool :

  1. I will be able to live at Malang even I work at Bangil.Β  Usually it takes 2 hours from Malang to Bangil. If I have this tool, I will be able to save time and cost for the transportation. Even now I live at Bangil, I still prefer to stay at Malang πŸ˜€
  2. Usually for Idul Fitri, I need to go back to my hometown, Bogor. I need to book the flight back quite early otherwise the price will be very high. As you all know also, during “Mudik” time, road and airport will be very crowded with people. If I have Anywhere Door, I can save all that trouble. This minute I’m still at Bangil, the next minute I will be at Bogor readyΒ  =))))
  3. I will have more chances to meet my sister who live at Singapore and my brother who live at Jakarta. No need special effort and time only to meet them.Β  We will be able to have more time to spend time together. πŸ˜€
  4. I will be able to travel to my wish list places. No need to take annual leave because I can do the traveling in the weekend. πŸ˜€
  5. Last but not least, or perhpas the most important thing, I will be able to go to Mecca, either for Hajj or for Umroh. Perhaps I can manage to do my five time praying at Mecca. It will be great and lovely!

So, Doraemon, considering several reasons above, would you mind if I borrow your Anywhere Door? *wink*

This post is to participate at EF#4 Challenge : Grab a Tool from Doraemons’ Magic Pocket
by Blog English Club


23 thoughts on “[EF#4] Tool from Doraemon’s Magic Pocket

      1. Itu gak nyangka May. Cuma memang tertarik sama temanya aja. Langsung nulis deh.
        Tips dong May biar nulis fiksi lancar

      2. Wahahaha, salah nanyanya sama aku, mas.. Ini aja mau ikutan yang ProyekMenulis NulisBuku lagi gak dapat ide, padahal DL nya besok 😐
        Waktu itu pernah dibahas di MFF kalau writer’s block gimana. Macam-macam yang dilakukan bbrp member tapi yang paling banyak kalau gak salah : baca buku, blog walking dan makan (eh itu aku doank sih πŸ˜€ )

      3. Proyek tema apa?
        Eh foundernya nulisbuku yang jd pembicara kita. Seneng dah rasanya.

        Makan? Sama sih. Makanya makin ndud

      4. Ke TKP ah… tp besok? Duh… gadang dong nih kalau mau ikutan. Dah lama gak ikutan yg dr NB.

        Iya… yah.. sayang banget. Libur deh. Ke sini. hehehe

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