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Hai, Admins, I hope it is OK to post this week EF on Saturday… πŸ˜€

I work at a Foreign Investment Company, which my directors are Singaporean, so basically I use English everyday to talk to them or to write emails to them. Although foreigners, my directors are not strictly using grammatical English. The most important thing is they understand what we say. I admit that I rarely write or talk in correct grammar with them.Β  Especially you know that as Singaporean, my directors has a typical English which we usually call as SingLish (Singaporean English).

When I found out about BEC at Mas Ryan’s blog, I didn’t hesitate to join this group. I want to improve my knowledge and skill about grammar again.Β  This Club open a big opportunity for me to improve my grammar.

Since I joined with BEC, I start to write blog in English again. The last time I wrote in English was when I wrote this post. Since then, except for work, I rarely use English.

I join the WA group but I can’t active during the session because I’m working during the session. Only in the evening, I’m able to scroll up and read the learning session. The learning session really refresh all the knowledge that I had learned when I was at school.

I give two thumbs up for all the admins. They really give their great effort to make everybody in this Club enjoy to learn English. I believe all of them have their own thing to do, but they are able to spare their time to maintain the blog.

If you don’t mind, may I give a suggestion related with posting for weekly challenge? Perhaps it is easier for the Admins to use Mister Linky (or other tools which use the same method as it) to recap all the posting. I believe that the PIC don’t mind to do the recap of weekly challenge, but in my opinion, with that tool you can save your time and energy to do the recap. With this kind of tool, members need to submit their posting by themselves and it will be automatically appear at the bottom of the master posting.Β  πŸ™‚

I also have suggestion, how if the learning session which corrected the grammar for four volunteers is posted into BEC’s blog? Of course, for this Admins need approval from the volunteers. This is to accommodate members which are not able to join the learning session. They are able to learn easily by reading at the blog. This is because, honestly, sometimes tired to read too many messages at WA especially when you are not following since beginning.

For me myself, I really appreciate if any of you : Admins, Mentors, or other Members would like to give correction for my posting. You may write in the comment. It really a big help to improve my grammar. πŸ™‚

Hmm, I think this all that I can say about BEC. I hope this group can last forever. I hope this group can be a fun and enjoyable place to learn English.Β  Although I’m not quite active, I always support this group.Β  πŸ™‚

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13 thoughts on “[EF#5] BEC for Me

  1. Same with me May, when I was in Liberia, most of them said, as long as I understand what you were saying, it is enough. But then, problems came when I wrote email to various people. So many mistakes.

    Thank you for the suggestions. For Mr Linky, actually already think for using it May. Because we have same experience in MFF, I also think it would be helpful if we use Mr Linky.

    But then, I googled it and found out that it wasn’t for wordpress. Hiks. So we tried looking another way and we found the form.

    For the post review, hopefully we can make it in near future. You are not alone in this one. Many said the same thing. And many also join BEC only on blog post. So it does make sense what you’ve said.

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