[EF#7] An Escape to Yogyakarta


Trans Jogja Bus Rote Map at Kopma UGM, Yogyakarta


Last week, I and my friend went to Yogyakarta. An escape from our routine as we got 4 days off. πŸ˜€

Before we went there, we had made an itinerary. I even asked help from Mas Aan to advice us places to visit. We took some suggestions from him. Thanks, Mas Aan πŸ˜€

One problem that had been reminded by him was about transportation. Our budget made us impossible to rentΒ  a car. Using motorcycle also not an option as I can’t ride motorcycle hence it will be troublesome for my friend. 😦

When we arrived at Yogyakarta, it was raining. We had no choice instead of using taxi to go to our home-stay. On the way there, I saw some bus stops and saw buses with sign Trans Jogja. Due to quite tired, I didn’t ask anything to the taxi driver.

The next day, we planned to go using other public transportation, beside taxi because it was too costly.Β  That was quite gambling as we had no idea about transportation at Yogyakarta. But God helped us. We met an old lady and talked to her and she said why don’t us use Trans Jogja. They cover many routes. She showed us the nearest bus stop and that was at Kopma UGM. We saw a map there and, voila, it seems our main problem about transportation was solved. By using this kind of transportation, we were able to save our cost for transportation and minimize to use taxi. Nice!!! πŸ˜€

You may check here if you want to know more about Trans Jogja πŸ™‚

Finally, we were able to enjoy our escape although quite tiring. πŸ˜€

This late minute post is to participate at EF#7 Weekly Challenge – Snap and Tell a Story
by Blog English Club


9 thoughts on “[EF#7] An Escape to Yogyakarta

    1. Gak semua juga sih, Mas. Untuk ke Prambanan, Parangtritis, Borobudur itu harus lanjut lagi dari pemberhentian Trans Jogja yg terakhir. Tapi, paling tidak mengurangi biaya transport.

      Iya, Mas. Masih cari pangsit. Tgl 28 kan ya DL-nya?

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